Belbex is a professional organisation of Belgian nurseries which are exporting a major part of the Belgian hardy nursery stock production. These companies offer their customers a complete range of hardy nursery stock i.e. ornamental plants, rosebushes, forest and hedging plants, and fruit trees and shrubs.

Belbex defences the commercial interests of its members.

Belgian quality, your guarantee

Transformed into a green spectacle, the ancient city centre market of the historical city of Bruges, majestic laurel and Hydrangea Pinky Winky are playing a leading role. A masterpiece by the hands of artist florist Daniël Ost, reproduced by means of Globography. Our World becomes a greener place when combining craftsmanship.

The members of Belbex distinguish by means of:

  1. Innovation
  2. A complete range of hardy nursery stock
  3. Quality

Belbex members

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Our Members

  • Peter Ooms

Francis Duytschaever

Meensesteenweg 225
8890 Dadizele

0032 (0)56 50 93 63

Floralux in Dadizele is the biggest gardening and ornamentation center in Belgium and has over 60 years of experience. The store has an area of 25,000 m² and parking for 1,500 cars. Two million Belgian and French people visit Floralux per year.

The gardening center’s biggest assets are the enormous choice of products at very low prices and the fact that you can find everything under one roof. You can buy outdoor plants in a raftered greenhouse where you can still have a pleasant time shopping when it’s raining. In addition to a permanent assortment of bushes, trees, hedges, perennials, ground cover plants, ornamental grasses, conifers, and roses, Floralux offers a very large assortment of seasonal plants.

In terms of house plants, the customer always has an incredibly large choice among different species of orchids. In addition to classic house plants, Floralux also has a special range of cacti and bonsai.

Good to know

  • Information on plants from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Spain
  • Central shopping at FloraHolland
  • Complete assortment of plants year-round
  • Export of 50% to France
  • Easy access to Dadizele from the freeway (E19), Menin exit
  • Well known in northern France due to its establishment close to the border.

Tim Van Hulle

t Hand 10
9950 Waarschoot

+32 9 376 75 75
+32 9 376 75 78 (fax)

Sylva nurseries is specialized in the cultivation and commercialization of all hardy tree nursery varieties.

The nursery has a surface of nearly 85ha, with a production of about 20 million plants.

Sylva produces over more than 100 varieties of trees and shrubs in its own nursery. The main varieties are amongst others: fagus, quercus, acer, alnus, prunus, populus and different conifers such as pseudotsuga, picea, larix, taxus, pinus, …

About 20 % of these trees are destined for the Belgian market. 80 % is exported to all European countries, but also to the USA, Canada, China and North Africa.

The reasons for the good quality of our forest and hedging plants are diverse: the mild sea climate and the good sandy soils, and more in particular: the growing methods and the severe quality standards for the grading of the plants. In order to keep the plants in good condition after lifting, 3 new cold stores were built with a total capacity of 6000 m³.

Furthermore we guarantee the genetic quality of the plants by purchasing basic material from selected and genetically high grade forests or seed orchards throughout Europe. That’s how we can offer our client forest plants that are well adapted to the climatological conditions wherever he wants to reforest.

Sylva stands for environmental friendly and sustainable production. Sylva is a MPS (Environment Project Floriculture) member since 1997 and has ever since obtained the MPS A-label. Furthermore, Sylva was one of the first open field nurseries to obtain the MPS GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certificate in 2010.

In August 2009 Sylva was elected winner of the “Belgian Horticulturist of the Year 2009” contest and was awarded “International Grower of the Year 2009” in Zaragoza, Spain.


Roger Vanderstuyft

Doornstraat 47B
9260 Serskamp

+32 9 369 73 59
+32 9 369 79 98 (fax)

Founded in 1952, our nursery has a long-standing history of family tradition. Through the years, the nursery AARBOMEX has experienced a transformation into an export company covering nowadays an area of 45 ha.

Our customers range from nurseries to garden centers and landscape gardeners in more than 30 countries in Western and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia.

AARBOMEX is specialized in young avenue trees for further cultivation, avenue trees and decorative plants for green projects and gardens.

It is worth visiting our nursery upon prior arrangement!

Catalogue at request

  • Ornamental plants
  • Avenue trees
  • Roses
  • Conifers
  • Perennials


Veldeken 44a bus 2
9240 Zele

+32 52 44 94 19
+32 52 45 09 86 (fax)

A merger of two leading Belgian tree nurseries.

ADM Greentraders bvba has its origin in the fusion of two well-known Belgian family businesses in tree nurseries. On one side there is Anrob nv in Zele, founded in 1990 by the De Vlieger family and on the other side there is bvba De Martelaer in Zelzate, founded in 1988 by the De Martelaer family. Both families share the same green vision and passion: delivering a qualitative output with excellent value for money. Conversations towards closer cooperation resulted in the merger of both companies at the beginning of 2018. In order to highlight this partnership, the new joint trade name “GREENTRADERS by Anrob – De Martelaer” was created on the first of July 2018.

The 2 production sites are located in Zele and Zelzate. Together they account for a total surface area of 50 ha, on which, with passion and years of experience, a large range of 2 to 4 times transplanted avenue, park and ornamental trees are cultivated. We also pass on the high-quality standards of our nurseries in our trading activities. In these trading activities, proper personal guidance and the offering of a large plant and horticultural material assortment are at the centre of providing you – public service, green contractor, garden contractor, plant centre – with a complete solution for achieving your intended goals and projects throughout Europe. Every day, a team of motivated staff members uses the most modern techniques to turn GREENTRADERS into an established value that focus on service and respect for sustainability and the environment for the provision of high-quality


Predikherenstraat 20a
8750 Wingene

+32 51 65 50 33
+32 51 65 72 17 (fax)

Allaert Nurseries is a leading Belgian bare root nurseryspecialising in the cultivation of forest and hedging plants, conifers and flowering shrubs, in bare root. The plants are produced from seeds or cuttings and are between 1 and 4 years old when delivered. Through a combination of tradition, knowledge and precision, we guarantee the absolute highest quality and perfect service.


Raymond Bontinck

Dendermondsesteenweg 106
9260 Schellebelle

+32 9 369 03 79;+32 9 369 91 65
+32 9 368 22 28 (fax)


Jan Van Herreweghe

Serskampsteenweg 238
9230 Wetteren

+32 475 70 53 95
0032 933 566 96 (fax)


Steven Calle

Smetledestraat 55
9230 Wetteren

+32 9 369.02.37
+32 9 369 74 09 (fax)

Presentation – Specialities

Nurseries Steven Calle, founded in 1895, is an important Belgian producer of ornamental plants and fruit trees. The present manager Steven Calle, already relying on the craftsmanship passed on for 4 generations, enriched his knowledge by a 3 years training in England, France and Germany. The nursery uses advanced cultivation techniques and machinery on 30 hectares of rich soil. Our 10 employees all aim at producing excellent quality and offering the best service.
We provide a varied selection of trees and shrubs. Great care is taken for the budding and grafting of fruit trees, ornamental trees and roses, focusing on quality and genuineness. In our nursery you will find shrubs, half standard and high standard trees.

Visitors are always welcome. Please do telephone beforehand.



We are a major producer of a very large assortment:

  • fruit trees: high standard, half standard and shrubs
  • red and green cobnuts
  • ornamental trees and-shrubs
  • conifers
  • currants and gooseberries
  • roses
  • hedging plants


Jan Calle

Serskampsteenweg 286
9230 Wetteren

+32 9 369.19.46

The Calle-Plant co-operative society was founded 1/7/1990. It is a sales company over the 4 production nurseries of Luc, Jan, Marc and Wim Calle.

Our purpose is the production of a very large range of hardy  plants, suitable for the Belgian climate, destinated to our customers in Belgium and the surrounding countries. The authenticity and quality of our plants is our first aim.

Our fields have very different soil texture, and so enable us to grow nearly every plant variety.

A new computerised office, 28 specialists and craftsmen and a well-organised transport service (4 lorries) ensures a fast and complete service.

We prepare the orders of landscape gardeners, garden centres, nurseries  and municipalities in 3 days time.

Calle-Plant, four brothers: “specialised and united we are stronger”:

Luc Calle

2500 m² glasshouses, 3 ha Co , 9 ha sandy fields

* rhododendron up to 125 cm (±60 var.)

* Erica and calluna ± 40 var.

* fruit- and ornamental cherries

* young plants for nurseries

Jan Calle

1600 m² glasshouses, 6 ha containers (2 to 10 litre)

* ornamental shrubs

* dwarf conifers

* conifers for hedging

* climbers and herbaceous plants

* soft fruit in container

Marc Calle

21 ha rich loamy soils

* fruit trees, large range of bushes and standards

* ornamental trees from Ø 8 to 16 cm  (especially Tilia e. Pallida grown from layers)

* ornamental solitairy shrubs

Wim Calle

26 ha sandy and loamy soils

* ornamental shrubs

* Taxus, Thuya, Chamaecyparis and other conifers from 30 to 250 cm.

* 25000 rose plants

* soft fruit and cob-nuts

* young stocks from layering: Corylus, Hydrangea, Syringe, Tilia and Viburnum.


Vennestraat 6a
3130 Begijnendijk

+32 16 56 14 27
+32 16 57 07 55 (fax)


Willy De Nolf

Drogenboomstraat 49
8790 Waregem

+32 56 62 11 11
+32 56 62 11 10 (fax)

Presentation – Specialities

  • 13 ha of container plants
  • own production
  • large assortment of shrubs, climbing plants and conifers
  • easy to find along the motorway E17 Gent-Kortijk


Joost De Winter;Paul De Winter

Jabekestraat 96
9230 Wetteren

+32 9 369 58 28;+32 478 52 07 65
+32 9 369 56 41 (fax)


Jeroen Boudewyn

Proostdieststraat 17
8980 Beselare

+32 57 46 80 00
+32 57 46 75 00 (fax)

Presentation – Specialities

Near exit 3 of the A19 between Kortrijk and Ieper you can find one of the largest exportation companies of gardenplants. We have a 20000m2 covered Cash & Carry.

We can offer you more than 3000 varieties of fruit trees, heathlandplants, shrubs, roses, planets for hedges, climbing plants, trees, perennials, ornamental grasses and bamboo.
There are also seasonal products, such as: plants for cemetery (October- November), little flowering plants for you terrace or balcony, Christmas trees and not to forget: a large range of Mediterranean plants.

In fact, we’re grouping the production of about 50 excellent nurseries who are offering us a large variety of plants in all kinds of colours and sizes. We’re offering good quality at very competitive prices.
Besides plants, we are also selling accessories for the creation of our pool, gardening tools, sprinklers, ornamental stones, various wooden articles, pottery, statues,…

Our motivated team guarantees your a fine service and we can deliver you order thanks to one of the 10 trucks we own.
For more information: call us, come and visit us or surf to our web-site.


Luc Bonte

Haanhoutstraat 52
9080 Beervelde

+32 9 355 37 37
+32 9 355 38 58 (fax)


Lilsedijk 80
2340 Beerse

+32 14 61 20 52
+32 14 61 75 45 (fax)


Leon Peters / Jan Nijs

Steenweg 114
B-3665 As

+32 (0) 89/51.98.00
+32 (0) 89/51.00.78 (fax)

Peter Ooms

Peter Ooms

Henxbroekweg 9
2960 Brecht

+32 495 251 658

Tree Nursery Peter Ooms offer a wide variety of plants and trees, stretching over 15 Ha of nursery. The company specializes in growing large flowering shrubs and mature trees. If you are looking for a beautiful shrub, a nice tree, an old hedge or a beautifully shaped pruning, this nursery might very well be the right partner for you to work with. We can easily handle plants up to 10m high and 7m wide.We sell directly to landscapers, gardeners, nurserymen and growers.

Tree Nursery Peter Ooms offers a nice selection of natural boulders. These boulders will give your garden that extra edge. The Belgian bluestone rocks are handpicked from a quarry near Liege and can range from 10 kg up to 10 tonnes.
Would you like to visit Tree Nursery ‘Peter Ooms’: be our guest and contact us for an appointment.


Sint-Lenaartsesteenweg 91
2310 Rijkevorsel

+32 3 340 28 70
+32 3 340 28 90 (fax)

Presentation – Specialities

Plant Select is a 40 year young high quality nursery, famous for its large selection of bamboos. In recent years much emphasis has been placed on enlarging the assortment of ornamental trees, liners and shrubs. The large assortment gives Plant Select the opportunity to meet any requirement and to export large quantities.

The offices and the distribution centre are located in Rijkevorsel and here all activities are coordinated. Plants are produced throughout Europe at nurseries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and France.

The production consists of some specializations:

  • bamboos: 80 species in production
  • Buxus: all sizes
  • Taxus: all sizes
  • Hydrangea: 30 species in production
  • Hedera: all sizes (grown at bamboo-canes)
  • Ilex: 20 species in container and in open air
  • ornamental shrubs: large assortment in container and in open air
  • liners, ornamental trees and park trees: large assortment

Plant Select combines quality with competitive prices. We act fast and flexible to meet all customer’s demands.

You are welcome to visit one of our nurseries any time.


Dries Aerden

Hoekstraat 23
B-3950 Bocholt

0032 473 50 87 78
0032 89 39 15 71 (fax)


9860 Oosterzele

Roosbloemstraat 8b
9860 Oosterzele

+32 (0)9 362 01 35 / +32 (0)495 04 24 61
+32 (0)9 362 06 95 (fax)


Dhr. Freddy Rimbaut

Dendermondsesteenweg 114
9260 Schellebelle

+32 9 369 08 43
+32 9 368 21 30 (fax)

Presentation – Specialities

Rimbaut Nurseries were founded in 1950 by Sylvain Rimbaut. In 1985 the original name was altered to B.V.B.A. Rimbaut & Sons and the business was taken over by 2 sons: Freddy and Jacques.

30 ha of openground trees, fruittrees, rosebushes, shrubs, hedging plants, conifers, Buxus, Taxus and Ilex. Speciality: wide range of conifers in large specimen sizes (transplanted).
3 ha of containergrown shrubs, conifers, climbers, Erica, Azalea, rhodo.

Wholesale nurseries, landscapers and landscape architects, garden centres.

By our own lorry, through local transportfirms or collection by our customers.

Supplying the full range of hardy nursery stock (even rare items) of excellent quality.


Dries Van der Auwera

Reetsesteenweg 107
2630 Aartselaar

+32 3 887 59 03;+32 3 887 48 28


Johan Van Herreweghe

Dendermondsesteenweg 120
9260 Schellebelle

+32 9 369 31 70
+32 9 369 46 56 (fax)

Johan van Herrewege has incorporated the long experience of four generations in his growing export- nursery. Johan’s great grandfather started the company in the late 1800’s. His father, Willem, was the pioneer, who trekked to Canada in the early 1950’s in search for new customers in Quebec and Ontario (At that time obstructive regulations such as the washing of the roots, were not operative.) The new name JVH- The Green Line emerged in 1973.

Since 1980 Johan and his wife, Godelieve, visit customers in Eastern Canada and since 1997 they started to scout the West Coast and beautiful B. C. They have seen significant growth in their new BC market.

Every spring and summer Johan sees his customers all over Europe. He believes personal contact is very important to sales success. In August he travels throughout Eastern and Western Canada. The knowledge of many foreign languages enables him to communicate with most of his customers in their own mother- tongue. This is a great asset and is appreciated everywhere.

Today, JVH Nurseries ships plants to different European countries, Canada, USA, Japan, China, Russia, South-Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Central and Latin America.

He has acquired years of experience in shipping plants all over the world, even in the Southern Hemisphere. There he must overcome an additional challenge, namely the opposite seasons. This means shipping dormant plants, when plants are fully alive in summer here.

In recognition of his unique and successful exports to South-Africa, Johan along with 19 other ‘Captains of Industry’ were invited by the prime Minister to join him on his state visit to South-Africa. Johan states, ‘The most remarkable of all the official events was the welcoming by the charismatic ex-president Nelson Mandela. This privileged invitation and the great interest of the media impressed our customers and stimulated our business.’

Feel free to check out:

  • more information
  • special offers
  • new introductions (+pictures)
  • last JVH catalogue Copyright HORTWEST magazine Canada


Paul Van Pelt

Lierbaan 194A
2580 Putte

+32 15 75.52.09
+32 15 75 35 91 (fax)

Presentation – Specialities

In 1953 the famous tree nursery “Joseph Op De Beeck” was taken over by the father of the present manager, Mr. Antoon Van Pelt. In 1965 he gave his own name to the nursery. At the time, the nursery covered 12 ha.

Since 1995, the nursery has the use of 60 ha of cultivation ground; it occupies twenty workers. It produces a wide assortment of avenue trees, roses, ornamental bushes, conifers and container plants. Moreover the manager, Mr. Paul Van Pelt, insists on the importation of a large number of specialities.

Clients range from garden contractors, landscape and garden architects, city councils, public institutions, private persons and foreign nurseries.

The Nurseries Van Pelt are situated next to the small city of Putte. They are renowned for their comprehensive assortment, high standard quality and exemplary service.

Our specialities:

  • avenue trees
  • container plants
  • solitairs
  • roses:
    • ancient roses
    • English roses
    • assortment of MEILLAND ®


Koen Van Poecke

Oude Wetterstraat 3a
9230 Wetteren

+32 9 369 21 21
+32 9 366 04 70 (fax)


Paul Weymeersch

Serskampsteenweg 236
9230 Wetteren

+32 9 369 82 37
+32 9 366 11 43 (fax)


We are active in Wetteren for more than 100 years and the 6th generation has just started in our nursery.
We are specialized in lane and ornamental trees.
We cultivate on 16 hectares in a circle of 3,5 km and are a member of Boweco (a group of 5 growers who services together the English market).


  • Lane and ornamental trees (85%)
  • Fruit trees (5%)
  • Corylus max. purpurea (5%)
  • Shrubs from Prunus and Syringa (5%)


H. Vandorpe

Hazegoedweg 5
8800 Roeselare

+32 51 24 13 44
+32 51 22 53 61 (fax)

Presentation – Specialities

Nurseries Willaert N.V. has a great experience in cultivating plants, assuring its clients excellent quality.

The wide range of plants and the swift delivery are the trademarks of our company.
Perennials, bedding plants, aquatic plants, climbers and hedging plants, ornamental shrubs and plants, conifers, bamboos, fruit and avenue trees in all shapes and sizes are available all the year.

The plants have been alphabetically arranged over an area of 12 hectares in shade rooms, plastic and conventional greenhouses or in open air.

The Willaert-team ensures a sharp price/quality relation and a perfect knowledge of all plants.

Our own transport service will deal with all your orders with punctuality and care.
Come and visit us and discover what Willaert stands for:
“A professional for professionals”.

Contact us


Jan Vancayzeele


For commercial questions, please contact our members directly.


Executive board

Lucas De Nolf
Treasurer and Vice President of the incoming budget

Tim Van Hulle

Koen De Martelaer
Vice President of the outgoing budget